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Quickly and accurately punch your grommets with INDUSTRY-FIRST grommet alignment fixture from ClipsShop! The GrommetSniper, made exclusively to fit the CSTEP-2 hand press, lets users precisely space grommets 5/8 Buy grommet brass grommets nickel grommets banner grommets ClipsShop self-piercing metal grommets proudly introduces the all-new GrommetSniper alignment fixture exclusively for the ClipsShop CSTEP-2 grommet bench press featuring an adjustable precision base plate, smooth, roller bearing slide with high contrast English-metric graduations, and a knurled thumbscrew to easily lock-in your position.

Designed for easy setup and operation, the GrommetSniper alignment tool is a rigid fence that lets users uniformly locate the distance between metal grommets from 2" to 24" on center and up to 3" from edge to center. The ClipsShop CSTEP-2 hand press is portable, easy to operate, uses interchangeable self-piercing dies, and its adjustable bottom stop prevents crushing and assures a consistent grommet application. Its uniquely shaped lever handle with a foam grip enhances user comfort and force while an adjustable bottom stop prevents crushing and assures consistent grommet application. Visit our online catalog to buy your CSTEP-2 hand press and GrommetSniper today.

Metal grommets, brass grommets, nickel grommets, banner grommets - OVER 2 MILLION IN STOCK! stocks a full line of high quality, self-piercing solid brass metal grommets, washers and setting dies for use with ClipsShop, Micron, Stimpson and Hiker hand grommet presses available for immediate delivery. Are you waiting for a back order that never arrived? Is your grommet supplier out of stock and giving you the runaround or avoiding your call completely? Buy grommets from's huge inventory for immediate shipment in finishes that include shiny, satin, antique, nickel, black oxide, copper oxide, gun metal and others (depending on size). Featuring sizes from #XX00 (1/8”) to #12 (1 1/2”), each packaged in polybags containing sets of grommets and washers.Visit our online catalog to check it out and buy your grommets.

Welcome to, your source for high-quality metal grommets and attaching machines. You came to the right place to buy grommets, dies and presses to apply them. Our most popular products are easy to purchase at our online store. Please visit our online catalog by clicking "STORE" above or this link to buy grommets. Why should you buy grommets from sells RELIABLE ClipsShop brand products
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